Are you an office manager or business owner looking for a creative way to connect with your staff?
Group Yoga is a wonderful way to establish connections, a sense of community, and open-ness. Learn practices that can help you and your staff flow through the work day with grace and successfully manage stress.

Are you looking to deepen your own personal yoga practice?
I offer one-on-one personalized sessions. Please contact me for further details.

Never done yoga but are curious to see what it may offer you?
You're in the right place! Welcome! Please join one of our classes that fit your schedule! Or contact me with any questions! Fun Fact: all you have to do is show up and be able to breathe! Yoga is not just for the flexible, it is truly for anyone and everyone!

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Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a personal or group session!

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See you on the mat!

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